Film Block #2

Film Block #2 – List of Films

CROCK POT (8:24) – A young couple argue about a Thanksgiving visit to his parents’ house the following day, but terror intercedes with the arrival of a malevolent intruder.

LITTLE WOLF: THE NIGHT TRAIL (9:20) – Can a young boy survive the supernatural creatures of the wild with nothing but a bow and his wits? With his clan totem at his side, Little Wolf just might stand a chance.

UNDER THE SURFACE (6:00) – After his power goes out, a man discovers something chilling under the surface of his backyard pool.

HAUNTING THE HAUNTED (6:05) – The crew of a haunted house try to find a troublemaking teenage ghost, even though they’re not sure if she’ll talk their ears off, or rip their limbs off.

HYDER (7:00) – A man’s Arab imaginary friend refuses to let him sign divorce papers.

MAKE A WISH (8:28) – A light-hearted comedy about the sweetest fiancé giving her boyfriend the best birthday present ever.

CAPROCK (15:00) – Two sisters traveling west take a detour to a small motel, with plans to explore a serial killer’s old dumping ground.

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