Film Block #3/3.5

Film Block #3 – List of Films

SCLERA ABSENTIA (10:06) – A young married couple’s evening takes a terrifying turn when they invite a very strange 12 year-old boy in from the rain.

SCRIPT (8:12) – Two screenwriters, a ghost story, the night that goes on. Who will put an end to this?

DAMN GOOD PIE (8:05) – A family gather to share a bountiful meal in a pie-centric world where not everything is as it seems. As grace is said at the table, the family share peculiar conversations which spiral into a dark discovery…

KILLING TIME (8:00) – To some people, having a phone that duplicates whatever it takes a picture of might seem like a super power. But for one troubled young man, this power becomes the ultimate weapon to keep his inner demons at bay.

THE GARLIC BULB CHALLENGE (5:53) – Mark Harris, intrepid journalist for Vampire News Tonight! on Cascadia Valley Public Access TV, investigates vampire teens engaging in a dangerous challenge.

THE DOOR DOWN THE HALL (6:53) – Young Paige is forbidden from entering the door down the hall from where she sleeps. But nightmares, strange whispers, and curiosity finally lead her to defy her parents’ wishes…

RULES OF THE DEAD (2:31) – A recently deceased man quickly learns that death is only a terrifying beginning.

NITELIFE (13:05) – A psychopathic vigilante stalks a trio of drug-dealers.

Film Block #3.5 – List of Films

THE FACE CRUSHER (6:04) – Beverly and Lynn try to scare each other with campfire stories, but after learning about a homicidal, masked psychopath Lynn is done with the story- but that doesn’t mean The Face Crusher is done with her.

INSPECTRE (3:05) – A paranormal investigator uses unusual methods to root out evil.

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