Film Block #4

Film Block #4 – List of Films

BLOODSHED (12:37) – Ridden with guilt after the untimely death of his wife from a rare blood disease, grief-stricken Getty turns his hobby shed into a bloody altar of worship and brutal sacrifice in his relentless search for redemption. As he descends into madness, many will bleed…

BABYSITTER FROM HELL (10:00) – Trusting someone to care for your children can be tricky, especially when they are an emissary from Hell.

MOURN (11:03) – A grief counsellor is visited by a very disturbed man.

PHOTALGIA (6:28) – An older artist is affected by a strange light at his studio that drives him to do dark things.

THE FIRST TIME (6:30) – A young man, recently dumped by his girlfriend, invites a prostitute to his home, for the first time in his life. After the initial awkwardness, a great relationship seems to be flourishing. What are their true intentions?

BONEYARD RACERS (15:00) – When a teen couple accidentally stumbles upon a ghoulish party on Halloween night, they’re challenged to a supernatural drag race with the highest stakes.


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