Schedule 2019

Part 1

LILY – With her parents out for a few hours, young Lily gets a new babysitter. Said sitter, however, may be in for more of a challenge than she anticipated. (9:00) World Premiere

STILL – Photojournalist Vanessa takes it upon herself to investigate a local disturbance. She quickly finds that there are some things only her camera can see. (6:25) Texas Premiere

SYMPHONY – Abducted in broad daylight, Sadie awakes to find herself in a dreary basement, confronted with two individuals who may have murder on their mind. (12:00) World Premiere

PROOF OF PURCHASE – A bored, redneck vampire hunter must go through the drudgery of his job one more time.(7:20) World Premiere

SELF SABOTAGE – A girl, recovering from a failed suicide attempt, struggles with the guilt of feeling like she is destroying everything and everyone she loves. (5:20) World Premiere

NEPENTHES – Max is desperate to make a meaningful connection, but when she decides to meet an online dating match at home she gets herself into a painfully sticky situation. (5:18) Texas Premiere

SAVE YOURSELF – Peter is a housekeeper who suffers from a crippling fear of cats. When a pig-lizard monster emerges threatening the safety of his town, Peter enlists the help of his closest friends to face his fears and stop the Pizard. (15:00) World Premiere

BAD LAMP – Three people’s lives are suddenly changed at the hands of a strange desk lamp. (16:00)


Part 2

TO WHOEVER FINDS THIS – A forger is hired by a reclusive stranger who offers his life’s fortune if he can write him a suicide letter by midnight.. (10:00)

CHICKENS – Tensions escalate as two racist cops try to cover up killing an unarmed black teen. Things don’t go as planned… (12:30) Texas Premiere

THE INGRESS TAPES – What are The Ingress Tapes? The ramblings of a violent fantasist? Or the taped confession of a multiple murderer who was never caught? Documentary or Fiction? The truth is elusive. (8:00)

NOM – An old cyclist sets off into the hills, on a last journey with an uncertain end. (10:30) Texas Premiere

ONCE BITTEN… – Martha needs the toilet fixed in her hotel bathroom but there’s one problem: her plumber may be a vampire. (10:00) Texas Premiere

CLOSER – Stumbling across ASMR videos late one night, Sarah accidentally ventures down this online rabbit hole. Plagued by phantom whispers and apparitions, she is unsure if everything is in her head or real. (4:30) Texas Premiere

THE DARLINGS – As the full moon rises, a punk band known as The Darlings return to their rented mansion after the last leg of their tour. When the radio informs them of an escaped killer on the loose, they are shocked to find him already in the mansion. (15:00)




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