Schedule 2020/21

2020/21 – Virtual Schedule

Due to live event restrictions in 2020, Texas Terrors Film Festival III is going virtual and will be streaming for a limited window only, Feb. 2 – 15, 2021 – right here at


CLOUT (15:30) – Lyra is living a pinterest-perfect life as a social media influencer until both she and her following begin to crumble. Is her downfall just the work of a new algorithm, or something out of this world?

WHAT’S YOURS? (5:00) – A chef spends another late night doing inventory in her restaurant, but tonight turns out a little differently, when a strange man knocks at the back door.

TWO-HEADED BEAST (10:00) – Siblings Marissa and Marcus believe some strange things, and they can’t wait to teach their new friend Sullivan all about them. Mom will be home soon, but there’s still time to learn and play.

THE BABYSITTER (11:10) – Doing homework, texting boys, fighting for your life. For a babysitter, it’s all in a day’s work.

BEWERE (12:20) – A preppy college boy is eager to gain the supernatural powers of a werewolf, little knowing what truly awaits him behind the bite.

GO BACK (6:28) – In the fall of 1978, a distraught commuter travels down a haunted country road only to discover that its inhabitants have other plans.

THE CAMPER: WITH LILA & LUCY (12:38) – Two women find themselves in a horrific predicament as a sadistic killer holds them hostage. But soon the tables turn…and turn. Don’t skip the closing credits!


CROCK POT (8:24) – A young couple argue about a Thanksgiving visit to his parents’ house the following day, but terror intercedes with the arrival of a malevolent intruder.

LITTLE WOLF: THE NIGHT TRAIL (9:20) – Can a young boy survive the supernatural creatures of the wild with nothing but a bow and his wits? With his clan totem at his side, Little Wolf just might stand a chance.

UNDER THE SURFACE (6:00) – After his power goes out, a man discovers something chilling under the surface of his backyard pool.

HAUNTING THE HAUNTED (6:05) – The crew of a haunted house try to find a troublemaking teenage ghost, even though they’re not sure if she’ll talk their ears off, or rip their limbs off.

HYDER (7:00) – A man’s Arab imaginary friend refuses to let him sign divorce papers.

MAKE A WISH (8:28) – A light-hearted comedy about the sweetest fiancé giving her boyfriend the best birthday present ever.

CAPROCK (15:00) – Two sisters traveling west take a detour to a small motel, with plans to explore a serial killer’s old dumping ground.


SCLERA ABSENTIA (10:06) – A young married couple’s evening takes a terrifying turn when they invite a very strange 12 year-old boy in from the rain.

SCRIPT (8:12) – Two screenwriters, a ghost story, the night that goes on. Who will put an end to this?

DAMN GOOD PIE (8:05) – A family gather to share a bountiful meal in a pie-centric world where not everything is as it seems. As grace is said at the table, the family share peculiar conversations which spiral into a dark discovery…

KILLING TIME (8:00) – To some people, having a phone that duplicates whatever it takes a picture of might seem like a super power. But for one troubled young man, this power becomes the ultimate weapon to keep his inner demons at bay.

THE GARLIC BULB CHALLENGE (5:53) – Mark Harris, intrepid journalist for Vampire News Tonight! on Cascadia Valley Public Access TV, investigates vampire teens engaging in a dangerous challenge.

THE DOOR DOWN THE HALL (6:53) – Young Paige is forbidden from entering the door down the hall from where she sleeps. But nightmares, strange whispers, and curiosity finally lead her to defy her parents’ wishes…

RULES OF THE DEAD (2:31) – A recently deceased man quickly learns that death is only a terrifying beginning.

NITELIFE (13:05) – A psychopathic vigilante stalks a trio of drug-dealers.


THE FACE CRUSHER (6:04) – Beverly and Lynn try to scare each other with campfire stories, but after learning about a homicidal, masked psychopath Lynn is done with the story- but that doesn’t mean The Face Crusher is done with her.

INSPECTRE (3:05) – A paranormal investigator uses unusual methods to root out evil.


BLOODSHED (12:37) – Ridden with guilt after the untimely death of his wife from a rare blood disease, grief-stricken Getty turns his hobby shed into a bloody altar of worship and brutal sacrifice in his relentless search for redemption. As he descends into madness, many will bleed…

BABYSITTER FROM HELL (10:00) – Trusting someone to care for your children can be tricky, especially when they are an emissary from Hell.

MOURN (11:03) – A grief counsellor is visited by a very disturbed man.

PHOTALGIA (6:28) – An older artist is affected by a strange light at his studio that drives him to do dark things.

THE FIRST TIME (6:30) – A young man, recently dumped by his girlfriend, invites a prostitute to his home, for the first time in his life. After the initial awkwardness, a great relationship seems to be flourishing. What are their true intentions?

BONEYARD RACERS (15:00) – When a teen couple accidentally stumbles upon a ghoulish party on Halloween night, they’re challenged to a supernatural drag race with the highest stakes.